Ram Marine Services, Inc. has designs and constructs seawalls to serve as shoreline stabilization.  When it comes to protecting your property from erosion and natural forces, it is important to have experienced, professional help to design and permit the correct structural solution. 

A seawall is the best protection for your property from the power of the sea.  Usually, a property will exhibit erosion over time without some form of shoreline stabilization.  This is usually the result of normal wave action from boats and wind, a storm event, or just erosion from rainwater draining off your property. 

A seawall provides a hard border that deflects waves from eating your shoreline away.  Also, it prevents the dirt from eroding away from the flow of rainwater because there isn't a soft transition where the dirt touches the tidal water.  A properly designed seawall will ensure that your square footage of usable property ownership will remain the same over the years.

Seawalls are more expensive than rip-rap but there are advantages to be had with seawalls.  A big difference between a seawall and rip-rap is that rip-rap requires a slope to be installed properly.  Depending on the height of the bank this could waste some of your usable property by creating the needed slope at the shoreline.  Additionally, a seawall should not require any maintenance over its lifespan.  Once it is installed, all of its components should last for many years.  Rip-rap banks can have a tendency to require 're-arming' because the rocks could sink a little or slide over time.  While they are embedded into the ground, the wave action can eat the ground around and under them over time.  Their embedment is not nearly as deep as a seawall.

Vinyl Seawalls


Most people are surprised that you can use plastic for a major structural member such as for a seawall.  They consider it to not be strong enough and to break down in the sunlight.  Surprisingly, it is actually a very good material to use.  One merely has to recall the one-word line given to Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate.  There was a lot of truth in that message.  Plastics can be a great material to build with when made properly.  This material comes in different thickness and profiles and is loaded with ultraviolet inhibitors.  The normal warranty is 50 years.

They come as both a corrugated profile and you can also get a flat panel profile.  

Wood Seawalls


Wood seawalls are used in some areas that have less active water such as ponds and lakes.  These are not as strong or as durable as other seawalls but can be appropriate in the right situations.