Having trouble getting your boat out at times because you don’t have enough water?  This happens frequently during the winter months due to our exceptionally low tides. 

Over time the waterways displace sand and silt and these deposits may end up under your boat.  This is a naturally (and sometimes not so naturally) occurring pattern.  Storms may move the seabed around.  Organic material such as leaves and sticks break down to form silt.  Drainage pipes may bring dirt and material from our yards and streets and can cause swirling water to move the seabed floor around.  There can be many reasons why it happens but ultimately it will prevent you from navigating your boat from your slip.

Dredging is the process that excavates this excess sand and silt from the seabed.  It is highly regulated and can only be performed in certain areas and to certain depths.  But, the results are that you can operate and enjoy your boat much more often.