Dock Accessories

Dock Bench


Install a permanent bench with the same seat and back as the decking material.  The bench can be made to whatever length is required.  We have spent many laborious hours custom designing our benches for a relaxed seating position and it also provides a place to rest a drink or your arm on the top of the backrest. 

Fish Cleaning Station


Install a cantilevered fish cleaning tables on the side of the dock.  It does not take up much deck space.  These tables can be ordered to different sizes and with different features.  They are available with lower trays, upper trays, and wash down racks. 

Dock Ladder


Dock ladders are useful as a means to get in and out of the water.  Some  are used as a safety device in case someone were to fall off.  Other times you can use them for getting on and off your kayaks and paddleboards.

Cleats, Fenders, & Pile Caps


Cleats are a convenient way to secure a boat to the dock.  Even if you have a boat lift you usually load and unload the boat with it in the water.  Also, you can have friends come by and tie up with extra cleats on the dock.

Fenders are a good method to protect your boat and your dock from coming into hard contact with one another.  Fenders are available in black and white.

Piling caps are a good decorative accent to any dock.  They can also provide long term protection to the top of your pilings and to prevent birds from stopping by and leaving little presents for you.  Piling caps come in black and white.

Kayak & Paddle Board Holders


Kayaking and paddleboarding have become very popular.  It is truly a wonderful way to enjoy our local waterways.  But these are not small items and they usually need to be stored somewhere.  We try to work with our clients to figure out the best solution for their situation.  We also can design your dock to better utilize these fun toys.

Drop down sections


Getting into and out of kayaks and paddle boards can be made easier with drop down sections of docks.   It may be easy to do from the normal dock height at a regular tide but with as much as 3' of change between our highest and lowest tides it can be very difficult at a low tide.  We can make a section of your dock lower to accommodate this scenario.  We can also add an additional step to get you just a little bit closer.  We are careful to use different grades or kinds of materials in these environments in order to make them last longer.