Boat Lift Accessories


Remote Control

A remote control is the most important accessory that we recommend for your boat lift.  Our philosophy is to make your boating experience as easy as it can be.  There are so many things about owning a boat that are not fun.  This is one feature that makes it a lot easier for you to use your lift.

The remote control with auto-stop feature makes your lift work like your garage door  opener.  It has top and bottom stops.  This will prevent the lift from touching the seabed which will cause the cables to backlash and cause problems.  

The remotes also come with the ability to attach a light that you can operate on the fob so that you can light up your slip or dock with the touch of a button.


Angled Cradles

Angled cradles are a feature that are needed when you have much shallower water next to your dock but gets deeper toward the center of the boat.  It allows the lift to be lowered further down to get your boat on and off at lower tides.



An aluminum catwalk gives you access to the outside of the boat for cleaning.  It mounts on the cradle beams and provides a walking surface next to the boat.