Dock Design

Ram Marine Services, Inc. has designed, permitted and constructed docks since 1979.  The company is primarily focused on serving the greater Sarasota County Area.  We design and build our structures for residential, commercial, and municipal entities.  Our State Certified Marine Construction License qualifies us to build anywhere in the state but we prefer to focus on our local area and improve our own community.

Ram Marine offers many styles of custom–made docks designed specifically to meet the diverse needs of our clientele.  Most docks are constructed using marine-grade timber pilings; however, many docks can be constructed with concrete and composite pilings if the application is appropriate. Additionally, Ram Marine offers an extensive line of decking products from Marine-Grade treated decking, Composite decking, hardwoods and HDPE decking products.

Ram Marine offers a sales and design approach to help our clients accomplish their goals when it comes to dock layout, vessel docking, electric and plumbing. Additionally, Ram Marine offers a full line of dock accessories. Whether it’s a marginal dock adjacent a seawall, a ‘T’ or ‘L’ shaped dock or a 300’ long dock into and aquatic preserve, Ram Marine Services has the experience to accomplish your docking needs.

It is good to understand our local lingo when it comes to docks and design.

"Access Ramp" is the walkway between land and the terminal platform.  No activities are supposed to take place along the access ramp, other than fishing.

"Terminal Platform" is the section of dock that the access ramp terminates at.  This area is the reason you are building a dock.  It is where your water dependent activities are to take place such as fishing, boat storage and use, kayak access, etc.

"Marginal Dock" is a dock that runs parallel to a seawall or along the water's edge.  There is usually no access ramp associated with these.

"Riparian Rights" are the areas where you can put your structures.  As you get closer to the Riparian Rights lines on either side of your property you may have to seek permission from your neighbor.

Because there are severe limitations set upon the size of the dock we find it very important to work with our clients to design a structure that optimizes their needs and requirements for what they want to do on their dock.  This can be a challenging exercise but we pride the design engineer on staff works hard to accomplish their goals.

Dock Accessories

There are several dock accessories or design features that you can add to your dock to make it more functional for you.  Some of these items are things that can be added to an existing dock, others must be incorporated into the initial design.