Seawall and Dock Inspections


Waterfront Inspections

Ram Marine performs inspections of marine structures for real estate transactions.  Most of the time home inspectors will not look at docks, seawalls, and boat lifts.  Sometimes they will only perform only a cursory glance to look for anything majorly wrong.    A saltwater marine environment with active tides and waves is one of the harshest long term environments a home can be subject to.  We will spend the time and apply our experience to the small and large issues that could be affecting the structures.  

Detailed information for Buyers or Sellers

Ram Marine will send a licensed marine contractor to review the marine structures on the property.  Our objective is to provide a clear and honest assessment of the status of all the marine structures, including the dock, boat lifts, seawall, and rip-rap.     We have worked with sellers who want to get their property in good condition prior to putting it on the market.  We have also worked with buyers who want to know more about the condition or future potential of the property they are interested  in.  

We can provide you with a verbal report to briefly explain what we have found or we can provide a written report with descriptions and pictures of the issues discovered.  This can be helpful when negotiating with sellers or just having on hand after the sale so that you can understand this feature of your new home better.   Sometimes this could alert you to unknown major structural issues that you may not be willing to deal with.  Regardless, our intent is to provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

Property Potential

Waterfront and Seawall inspections can offer you insight  into what may or may not be permitted at a property.  Many people make the assumption that as long as they have waterfront property they can build a dock as they want and moor their boat(s) there.  However,  this is not always the case.  Unfortunately, there have been occasions, where we have been contacted by property owners, to install docks, in their newly purchased waterfront property, only find out that they are only allowed to build a fishing pier and no boats are allowed. .  We can’t stress the importance of getting professional opinions involved before something as large and illiquid as a real estate purchase. 

Become informed about the Marine Structures

We have helped many clients make sound decisions on their purchases.  We would like to help you learn about what you may be buying.   Call or contact us on our contact page today to schedule an inspection.