Seawalls & Rip-Rap


Ram Marine Services, Inc. has designed and constructed seawalls and installed rip rap to serve as shoreline stabilization since 1979.
When it comes to protecting your property from erosion and natural forces, it is important to have experienced, professional help to design and permit the correct structural solution.

Ram Marine offers concrete seawalls, vinyl seawalls, wood seawalls, aluminum seawalls and steel seawalls. Ram Marine offers concrete seawall caps, treated lumber seawall caps, composite seawall caps and aluminum seawall caps.

Ram Marine specializes in the installation of rip rap as a rock revetment to protect your shoreline from erosion.
Ram Marine installs clean-cut quarry rock from 6” to 48” boulders.  

Ram Marine performs inspections on seawalls and rock revetments. Have our service professionals inspect your shoreline stabilization structures.
Maintenance programs and/or minor repair work today may help extend the lives of these vital structures.