Ram Marine

Custom Walkway Construction

Ram Marine is based in Nokomis, Florida.  We have been building waterfront projects in Sarasota and Charlotte Counties since 1979.  We are a locally owned business and support our area by doing business locally, hiring locally, and being involved in community organizations.  We strive to make the entire experience as pleasant as possible.  You will find our staff to be very courteous and professional.  We care about each project, no matter how large or small, as if it were the only project we are working on. 

Our company provides a turnkey service to our clients.  We want to make the complicated process of designing, permitting, and constructing a project at your property as easy for you as possible.  We will work with you to determine your needs and design a project that best fits them.  We will then apply for all the necessary permits that are required from the local, State, and Federal agencies in order to build your project legally.   When we proceed with the construction aspect of the project we coordinate with the client to make the project go as smoothly as possible.  Marine construction tends to be very invasive to your property and can cause damage to things not related to the project such as your landscaping, driveway, and irrigation systems.  We have trained our staff to be conscientious of this and go to extra lengths to minimize or eliminate this damage saving you hidden costs that most consumers do not think about when considering the overall cost of their project.  When it is necessary to hire a subcontractor for work that we are not licensed for, such as electrical and plumbing, we make sure that the contractor is properly licensed and insured and then coordinate directly with them to verify that the work is being done in a timely manner and to our high standards of construction. 

Every project is different and has its own quirks and personalities.  We work with each client individually to determine what your needs are and how we can fulfill those within the limits of your budget and the legal ordinances that pertain to each.  Our sales staff will provide creative solutions to help fit those needs. 

Pile Hammer

Ram Marine prides itself on providing a good experience for our clients, whether that involves being honest to our customers or making sure that the job site has been cleaned properly afterward.  Quality involves the craftsmanship of the construction as well as the products that go into it.  We understand that there is more to construction than hammering nails and cutting boards.  All the little and big materials that go into a construction project can be purchased at different price and quality levels.  Usually the consumer does not know or understand all the individual pieces and their quality.  Therefore you usually ‘get what you pay for’.  Ram Marine has carefully researched all of the products we utilize and keeps careful control over the quality when performing an installation. 

There is nothing as delightful as looking out over the water and seeing the mullet jumping in the clear blue-green waters of our Gulf and Bays.  We are drawn to the water for the fishing, kayaking, swimming, and boating that we all love.  When we aren’t working we like to spend our free time on the water, also.  At Ram Marine we recognize that we have the potential to be very detrimental to the health of our creeks and bays due to the nature of our work.  But at the same time we have more ability to see that it stays healthier by practicing good environmental practices.  Therefore, at Ram Marine we have always made it a policy to minimize our impact on the environment.  The Florida Marine Contractors Association is getting in front of this issue and is currently creating a program to be a model for good marine construction environmental practices, Green Marine if you will.  Ram Marine is honored that the Association has adopted the practices of our company as a template for other contractors to use to be environmentally friendly.  Therefore, when you hire Ram Marine you help to minimize the impact to the environment which you wish to enjoy.

Our scope of operations includes the design, permitting, and installation of: