Permits are documents that authorize work to be completed at the owner’s property. Permits are issued for the purposes of verifying that the structure or activity that the owner wants performed conform to the safety, navigational, environmental, and structural standards that the government determines all property owners must abide by.


Though, it may seem tempting to have work done without a permit due to the increased time frame and cost of a project we highly recommend you avoid this route.

Unfortunately, permits can be costly and time consuming. But, if work is performed on your property without them and you get caught you can be fined many times the amount of the permit or the regulatory entities may make you remove or replace what you had done at your cost, or both. In 2008, 10% of all the permits issued by Sarasota County for water dependent structures were for people who got caught. This usually involves a fine of four times the cost of the original permit.

Most licensed contractors are proficient at obtaining all the proper permits for you. They will usually combine this into the cost of your project, though some projects may require a separate fee due to the complicated situation of their particular project. Other projects may require the services of a specialized permitting firm to acquire those permits and a licensed contractor can then perform the construction of the project from those permits.

Regardless of how much you may dislike paying the government more money it is in your best interests to acquire a permit.