The Florida Marine Contractors Association (FMCA) is a non-profit Florida corporation dedicated to improving marine construction.  It is the only marine contractors’ association in the United States.  The Association is comprised of contractor, associate, professional, and reciprocal members who embrace the goals, policies, and purposes of the Association. 

FMCA has been pivotal in uniting our industry together to improve things for contractors and for property owners.  The Association has been successful at reducing workers compensation insurance rates for our industry.  This results in direct savings to property owners through lower costs for the contractors and then lower project prices for property owners.  They have also been working with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to make acquiring permits easier.  This results in faster permits. 

Lately, the Association has started to formulate a Green Marine program.  This is an industry first that will result in incentives-based standards for sustainable and renewable marine construction.  Ram Marine is actively taking part in this process.

Hiring a contractor who is a member of the Florida Marine Contractors Association supports an organization that is trying to improve the industry and lower costs for property owners.  Association members must possess the proper licenses and insurance to be an active member.  In Florida, there truly is no greater marine contractor credential than being an FMCA member.