Contractor Licenses

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A contractor needs to possess a license in your municipality or have a state license to perform work at your home or business.  Licensed contractors have passed a construction competency exam.  At that time they also had to display that they were financially solvent and had no felony records.  The exam is given to prove that the license holder can display a minimum competency required to construct marine structures.  If you hire someone without a proper license than you are asking someone to perform work on your home or business who either doesn’t possess the talent needed to build the project or doesn’t think it is worth their time to prove it. Licensed contractors will display their license number on all advertising, vehicles, project proposals, and permit applications per state law (see below).  If you do not see these displayed then most likely you are dealing with an unlicensed contractor. If you are asked by your contractor to submit for the permits yourself then most likely the company does not hold the proper license or is not carrying the proper insurance.  It is very important for the consumer to verify they are hiring a properly licensed contractor.

Florida State Law Statutes Title XXXII Chapter 489.119 Paragraph 6 (Florida Statutes):

(6)(a)  Each registered or certified contractor shall affix the number of his or her registration or certification to each application for a building permit and on each building permit issued and recorded. Each city or county building department shall require, as a precondition for the issuance of the building permit, that the contractor taking out the permit must provide verification giving his or her Construction Industry Licensing Board registration or certification number.

(b)  The registration or certification number of each contractor or certificate of authority number for each business organization shall appear in each offer of services, business proposal, bid, contract, or advertisement, regardless of medium, as defined by board rule, used by that contractor or business organization in the practice of contracting.

(c)  If a vehicle bears the name of a contractor or business organization, or any text or artwork which would lead a reasonable person to believe that the vehicle is used for contracting, the registration or certification number of the contractor or certificate of authority number of the business organization must be conspicuously and legibly displayed with the name, text, or artwork. Local governments may also require that locally licensed contractors must also display their certificate of competency or license numbers. Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to create a mandatory vehicle signage requirement.

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