Boat Lifts

Double Boat Lift

Boat lifts come in many shapes and sizes.

Each type has a different purpose with pros and cons about them.
The important thing is to choose the best design for you and then customize it to make it as user friendly as your budget allows.
Before deciding on a boat lift it is important that you gather some useful information about your boat.
Find out how much your boat weighs. It is important when researching this to make sure the weight includes the motor (especially on outboards) and the maximum amount of fuel and water it will store.
This will give you a base amount. You should add some extra weight in for accessories that you might add to your boat and also all the ‘stuff’ that you store in it.
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We interviewed many boat lift manufacturers who wanted us to be their dealer. We looked at the different features, accessories, structural strength, and level of service and they easily stood out amongst their competition.

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Custom designed elevator boat lift

Four Post Lift Four/Eight Post Lifts

These lifts are the best structural design for a boat lift. The structure supports the vessel from below with the weight distributed to all four corners.
They lift the boat from below using either an aluminum cradle system or with straps when the water is shallow.


Elevator Lift

The elevator lift is a cantilevered lift that has no outside structure. These lifts are preferred when the width of the waterway is narrow.


4,000 Pile Mounted Davits - Free standing from dock

Boathouse Lifts

Boathouse lifts can be installed during the original construction of a boathouse or can be modified to be added to the structure afterwards.
These work just like a four post lift but are unique in that they have another structure on top of them.


Personal Watercraft Lift

Personal Watercraft and small light boats can be kept out of the water through two types of methods.
One type lifts the vessel out of the water on a cantilevered arm. This brings the vessel up high out of the water.
The other type is a float-on where you run the boat onto the floating lift. It will rise up and down with the tide.



Davits are cantilevered lifts like an elevator lift. But instead of lifting the boat from below with cradle arms they lift the boat from above.
They are used in areas where either the waterway width is narrow or where the vessel owner wants to swing their boat over the shore or dock.